These reflect 90% body heat are great for keeping you warm when the temperature drops and keeping you cool during the day by reflecting the heat. Ideal to be kept in the car, or when out walking - even for short journeys.

Each lightweight foil blanket is 1.6m x 2.4m - and packed into just 10 x 9cm x 1 cm square. 

We ensure a very high quality product by ensuring that they are manufactured for us to an exacting standard.  This produces a higher quality than you will find elsewhere with each being twelve micron thick. 

Many cheaper versions use a poorer quality fabric which disintegrates quickly over time. 

Can be used as heat or cold insulation, for photography or as part of emergency evacuation supplies.  Ours have been used as emergency aid overseas, on the James Bond set in Switzerland and the last Harry Potter movie.  Uses extend to scarecrows and window dressing and London Fashion Week.

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Lightweight black drawstring bag has a SurvivalBox logo and ideal for carrying foil blanket packs.  Each is 40cm x 30cm so a large size.  Cords attach from the top to the bottom, and around the top to ensure a tight fit when drawn.

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