Portable Ladies Toilet (Urinelle)

Portable Ladies Toilet (Urinelle)

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Urinate standing up in public toilets. Avoid those impossible acrobatic positions when you don't want to sit on the toilet seat in a public toilet. With the Urinelle you just stand in front of the toilet!

Collect urine samples and fill specimen bottles simply, without any effort and without dirtying your hands!

The Urinelle is designed to fit women of any age and can be taken on trips abroad. It is ideal for pregnant women, or women who have a hernia and have trouble sitting down.

Very simple to use. The Urinelle hygienic cone is held with one hand and springs into its correct shape simply by pressing either side. Its anatomical shape has been tested and adapts to all women. Thanks to its wide edge, there is NO RISK at all of urinating to one side of it and getting your clothes wet.

Safe: The Urinelle is hydrophobic during use. The cone is made of a material that repels water and doesn't wet your hands.

100% natural and biodegradable. It can only be used once and is thrown in the toilet after use.

Perfectly hygienic: The Urinelle is manufactured under strict bacteriological control.

Compact and small so you can carry it with you all the time. Sold in a pack of seven, it is just 17 x 10 x 0.3cm in size

Urinelle means a real improvement in feminine hygiene.

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