Classroom Evacuation Pack

Classroom Evacuation Pack

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Specially designed as a grab-bag for schools, the Evacuation Pack contains:

35 Child-sized foil blankets

2 Adult Hi-visibility vests and 2 adult-sized foil blankets.

Normal sized foil blankets are too large for children and they hinder the ability for the class to leave the premises quickly, and get somewhere to keep sheltered as soon as possible.  The child sized ones are just 92cm x 122cm and packed into a small bag.

The entire contents are packed into a neat drawstring bag for you to hang over the emergency exit to the school or classroom.

There is no need to pay now - when you check out, select Purchase Order and provide your school details.  You will automatically benefit from 30 days' credit while you can try them out.  If you are not completely satisfied just return them to us.

If your class size is larger than 35, just add individual foil blankets to the pack.

During school evacuations, the safety of all is paramount.  Foil blankets have been used for years to retain heat in extreme conditions - either heat or cold.  Our evacuation packs are designed to be stored next to an emergency exit to grab as you leave the building or classroom.

Each has contained in it 35 heat/cold retaining foil blankets which are specially designed for children to our own specification.  In addition, two adult-sized yellow hi-visibility vests are provided to ensure that those that need to know can identify the people in charge without delay.

A pack can be purchased for each classroom.  Pricing includes delivery and VAT, and the school can pay via credit card, or via an account that will automatically be created for you.

You can try them out and return them if you are not fully satisfied.


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